This week Jack from Naked Diner and Earth Gurls R EZ joins me for a spirited conversation about the death of loved ones…and we pay our respects to music legend, Prince.

About Another Atheist Podcast

Another Atheist Podcast with Drey Gibson

Another Atheist Podcast is a weekly podcast that offers pointed commentary on secular issues, biblical observations from a skeptic’s perspective, and prominent guests. Hosted by Drey Gibson, the show’s talk radio format allows for in-depth analysis and balanced conversations with those of opposing views.

Although unknown on the world stage, Drey Gibson is a proud, outspoken atheist. Inspired by religious critics such as, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and Bill Maher, he has become passionate about helping eradicate the stigma that being a freethinker carries, especially in the black community where atheism is a shunned ideology.

Like many black non-believers, he felt forced to hide his beliefs from family and friends the majority of his life. A disturbing conversation with his 7-year-old son about a classmate “witnessing about the fires of hell” on the school playground rendered the realization that he, and all atheists who could, needed to come forward to stop the spread of unsolicited religious propaganda.

Aside from Another Atheist Podcast, Drey Gibson is also shooting a documentary film that explores atheism in black America and planning to write a book that chronicles his experience growing up in a Pentecostal family.