I’m still not sure how anyone can defend the president after his first month in office. If you supported him for political reasons in the beginning, your support should at least be wavering after he has proven himself to be incompetent and uninterested in the job itself. After his inability to articulate the simplest ideas; him spouting whatever pops into his head, whether it’s true or not, and being unconcerned with the consequences; his childish need defend himself against inconsequential things, such as crowd sizes and what happens with family members; him not having cocktail knowledge about foreign affairs (ie. Two State Solution comment); him mispronouncing the names of two world leaders with no regard; and, above all, he is least qualified person to hold office in our country’s history. Both of you can bring up Obama as if they’re comparable, however, Obama’s record speaks for itself. Despite his short comings, the economy is stronger, more people have healthcare, and many of his policies benefit the people and the environment.  I live outside the US, so I can tell you first hand that the world is not respecting us more as Trump would want you to think. The rest of the world thinks that he’s a baffling idiot and they are either terrified at the harm he will cause or laughing uncontrollable because other countries view Americans as dumbasses that only care about being famous and Trump validates that perception. I’ll never belittle anyone for who they support in any political fashion, but I have to challenge you on why exactly are you so quick to defend him or refuse to acknowledge how unqualified to hold this office he has proven himself to be.


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